December 4, 2011 Concert – Jennifer Licko

Jennifer Licko

 Jennifer Licko
A Celtic Christmas Concert
Sunday, Dec 4, 2:00pm

Jennifer Licko is a Celtic Folk singer, dancer and multi-instrumentalist. While living and performing in Ireland for  three years, Jennifer soaked in the culture and passion for the music. Sharing the stage is former Irish Rover; Bobby  O’Donovan who hails from Cork City, Ireland. He is a wonderful singer and multi-instrumentalist, playing mandolin,  fiddle, bodhran, whistle, bones, spoons – you name it, he probably plays it! After his time with The Irish Rovers, he  joined The Sons of Erin, with whom he played on fifteen albums. They had several hits in Canada, and also a  television series in Newfoundland for many years. He has played as a session musician on many recordings,  including a Jimmy Buffett album, “Banana Wind”. He is also very funny! Bob Noble accompanies Bobby and Jennifer  on keyboards and sings backing vocals. He has performed all over the world with many different artists including  Dexy’s Midnight Runners, Aha, Joan Armatrading, Cliff Richard, and Bob Geldof.
*Not included in season tickets. $10 each.


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