Call for Artists

Artwork for display

The Seaside Arts Council solicits artists to display their Artwork during our Performing Arts Series Concerts that start in the fall. This is a great way for our local artists to meet and discuss their craft with people who share a love of the Arts.

Artist Application Form

Summary:  The council will sponsor one local Artist during each concert. The artist will be permitted to display artwork for the duration of the show. Generally, space provided is the size of one 6′ folding table. The artist is expected to be present before, during and after the concert to meet with the concert attendees to discuss their artwork.

APPLICATION AND EXAMPLE IMAGES: The artist should print and complete this form. Please include at least 4 examples of your artwork. (4” x 5 or 6” prints are suitable) and mail to:

Seaside Arts Council
P.O. Box 431
Swansboro, NC  28584

If e-mail address is provided, the application will be acknowledged. The scheduling of concerts is often completed months in advance. When an artist is selected for a specific concert; they will be notified. They should have ample time to prepare for the show. Depending on how many applications we receive, and the limited number of concerts each year, there may be significant delays between acceptance of application and a scheduled event for your work.


Artist Name:

Business Name:


Address Line 2:

Phone Numbers:


Art Medium:


Show Guidelines

The artist is expected to comply with the following:

The artist may show up to 6 pieces of artwork.

If the concert is located in the Town of Swansboro Annex building, six (6) standard size wall hooks are provided to hang your art on the walls.  If your art is not suitable for hanging, then the artist is responsible for providing suitable means to display their images.

The content of the artwork should be acceptable for display in a government building with the presence of minors possible.

The artist may display that the artwork is for sale. Sales leads information may be collected during event.  However, all art sales MUST be conducted at a separate time and location than the display.

The artist is expected to arrive at least ½ hour before the event to hang their art.  The artist is expected to remain present and available during the start, any breaks in the concert and for at least 15 minutes after the concert is completed. Art will be removed at end of show.

General Release

The undersigned does hereby and forever discharge the Seaside Arts Council, its affiliates, The Town of Swansboro, and/or venue owner from all manner of actions, damages, claims and demands whatsoever in law or equity, from any loss or damages to the undersigned’s property while on display at these events

The undersigned agrees to abide by the rules (outlined above) and any verbal requests made by the Seaside Arts Council’srepresentativespresentfor the show.

Photos taken of work submitted and the artist biographical information may be used by the Arts Council for promotional purposes in the media or on our website.

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